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Writer’s polish provides proofreading, copy editing, and editing services. Specializing in ecology, environmental issues, psychology, behaviorology, and animal training, Writer’s polish is the editing service of choice for businesses and authors with these focuses. In addition to journal research articles, manuscripts, and books, Writer’s polish edits and copy writes marketing material. Students can also benefit from our proofreading service. Rates are flexible and affordable.

Bringing years of experience in both the environmental and animal behavior fields, Patience Fisher has edited documents for public utilities, engineering consultants, behaviorologists, animal behavior consultants, and animal trainers. Holding degrees in both biology and engineering, she has experience analyzing journal articles. She has written and edited environmental documents and magazine manuscripts, and has edited nonfiction books. She has also tutored students, and is happy to proofread their papers.


Checking edited copy for spelling, grammar, missing or repeated words, punctuation, adherence to a given style sheet, and accuracy of page references within the document, including Table of Contents.
Proofreading and Writing Tips
For the student, correcting copy for spelling, grammar, and missing or repeated words, plus detailed comments on how to improve your paper. This may include extensive communication with the student.
Copy editing
Rewriting sentences for clarity and impact; checking for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts; ensuring consistency of citations; editing tables and graphs; ensuring adherence to a given style manual; editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other mechanics of style.
Reorganizing paragraphs and rewriting sentences to clarify meaning and increase impact; eliminating or defining terms specific to a specialty, replacing clichés, idioms, and overused terms; clarifying language and other stylistic line-by-line editing. This may include correcting style to appeal to the target audience and discussing edits with the author.
Creating a new document or parts of one on the basis of a rough draft. This may include rewriting documents written by a nonnative English speaker. Extensive communication with the author is expected.

About Patience Fisher

Patience Fisher
  • BS Biology, Lehigh University
  • MS Civil Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
  • Veterinary Assistant Certificate, Cedar Valley College/AAHA
  • Wrote environmental documents for public utilities for 14 years
  • Edited a 400-page Environmental Impact Statement for a highway project
  • Copy edited two books for:
    James O’Heare, DLBC, CABC
    Certified Animal Behavior Consultant
  • Contributing editor for the Pet Professional Guild’s magazine, BARKS from the Guild
  • Copy edited manuscripts for research journals
  • Copy edited Ph.D. theses
  • Member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES)

Client List


Hello Patience,
I read my article about tips for managing blind (visually-impaired) dogs in the May issue of BARKS from the Guild, which you edited. I was surprised. It was beautiful!

I appreciate your wonderful editing.
Thank you so much!

Miki Saito, CPDT-KA
Dog Training and Behavior Consultant/Expert in Training Blind Dogs

Patience Fisher is a talented copy editor and was a great asset to the books she helped me with. In addition to proofreading and rewording sentences to add clarity to the books, she found errors that only someone with a background in animal behavior would have noticed. Patience’s changes to my manuscripts ensured that there would be no needless confusion for my readers, providing them with a most reinforcing experience. And she did this while maintaining my writing and teaching style. I highly recommend her.

James O’Heare, DLBC, CABC
Certified Animal Behavior Consultant


I will be happy to give you a cost estimate for the proofreading or editing you require. For books, one chapter that is representative of the work is sufficient. Historically, clean copy that just had minor and infrequent typos and grammar errors has come in as low as $1/page. Copy editing has ranged from $2 to $3/page. Substantive editing has ranged from $5 to $13/page. Works that required major rewrites have cost as much as $17/page.

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